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Agnes Ernoult

Agnes Ernoult



Agnès studied for a degree in Illustration at Ecole Pivaut in Nantes for four years. She thinks of it as the Hogwarts for future artists.


Optimism is the very first stage in Agnès’ process. When she starts an image she tells herself it’s going to be the best work she’s ever done. She is always aiming to improve. Then she begins with some quick sketches to explore the subject matter and when she’s settled on what she wants to capture, Agnès creates a bigger sketch with as much of the final detail as possible.

Watercolour is her medium of choice, and when the sketching is complete she tests out some colour combinations on a small piece of paper. This way she can find something unique, perfect for the piece she’s working on. She has mastered a range of watercolour effects, and often uses ink for the outlines.


Agnes’ style of watercolour painting gives her work a soft and delicate look. It’s a subtle style, with a retro feel and a touch of humour. She loves to include nature in her illustrations such as floral details, and little insects and animals that give each image extra life. She also offers a looser and punchier cartoon style, which is ideal when the illustration needs to make people laugh.

Ercuis & Raynaud, Hinkler Books, Magnard Jeunesse, Marmaille & Compagnie, Storytime Magazine, Overcup Press Books