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Amber Day

Amber Day



Amber studied for a degree in Visual Communications from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles.


First, she captures what she sees in her head using a pen and paper, drawing the outlines. After tweaking it, she redraws the illustration digitally using multiple pens on her tablet. It is finished off using a watercolour technique.

The music Amber listens to plays an important role in the look and feel of the work. If it needs to be soft and smooth, she’ll listen to some Miles Davis, but when she wants a bolder image she plays Blue Grass or Folk.


Amber’s bold line work has a natural, sketched feel to it, while the addition of watercolour gives her illustrations an organic look and her restrained use of colour sets the mood. A few years ago, she made the decision to draw products how they’d look when laid out flat and it’s proven extremely popular with clients in fashion and beauty.

When she’s creating culinary sketches, she gives them a personal perspective and includes the nuances of real life rather than aiming for perfection. “I want the viewer to feel like they are experiencing the food as if they are there. The napkin might be placed a little off, French fries might be brown from being cooked too long, and the burger could be half-eaten,” she says.

Rodale, Fabletics, Eater LA, WeAr Magazine, Salted, John Ruvin Supply, Raw Juicery, Unique USA,