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Andy Council

Andy Council



Andy studied animation at Bournemouth Art College, and has diverted many of the skills he learned towards illustration.


Drawing is at the heart of Andy’s work, which combines physical and digital imagery. His drawings are scanned in, and colour is added using a computer. Recently, he has begun exploring with more natural media - acrylics, inks and spray paint. Street art and graffiti are important influences for him.


Most of Andy’s illustrations are architectural - landscapes, cities and maps. He has become well know for creating composite beasts made up of architectural landmarks and other recognisable elements. His work is dominated by lots of small elements that together to create a new form, or a scene with a story behind it. He’s like a modern day Giuseppe Arcimboldo.
Question: What drew you to illustration/design? Andy: I've been creative for as long as I can remember and never really considered doing anything that wasn't artistic as my job. Drawing has always been a part of my life so using that skill for work just made sense. I actually need to pick up a pencil and sketch pretty much every day or I start to get twitchy! Question: Do you have any formal design training? Andy: I studied Animation at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design. Question: Where are you originally from? Andy: I'm originally from the beautiful Georgian city of Bath. Question: Where do you live now & what drew you there? Andy: I live down the road in Bristol now. Bath is a lovely place, but didn't have so many creative opportunities for me a few years back. I visited Bristol a few times and saw all the Street Art going on there and I was hooked! I moved over as soon as I could. It's a great city to go out and about in with a nice pace of life that suits me. Question: Where is your studio and can you describe it for me? Andy: Oddly enough my studio is part of an active library In Bristol. We have the large old bindery section out of the back. It is a crumbling Victorian building with lots of interesting rooms in that we use to store work. Along with the Librarians who work there I share it with several other Street Artists. It is one of my favourite places to be and I will be very upset when it eventually gets knocked down and turned in to flats. Question: Who or What is your biggest inspiration? Andy: I'm inspired by my surroundings mostly - buildings, landmarks, Street Art. I often look to the natural world for inspiration. Obviously dinosaurs have been a big influence on my work.
Question: How do you get your ideas? Andy: I spend a lot of time collecting images online and taking photos and sketches of things I like. I visit museums, look at the Graffiti all around me. Most of my inspiration comes while sitting on buses going around places, looking at the views out of the window. For me I like to take the everyday and twist it in to something fantastic. Question: What are your interests outside of illustration? Andy: I enjoy painting pieces on the street, but that is part of my illustration work I suppose. I like listening to music, drinking in real ale pubs, reading about dinosaurs and Cryptozoology. I love the whole alien big cats in the UK thing, like the Beast Of Bodmin and all that, not sure if that's a healthy interest though. Question: Tell us about a favourite project you've recently completed. Andy: I enjoyed working on a mural I recently did for the University of Bath's Innovation Centre. It was great to work back in my old hometown and I was really pleased with how the piece came out. The execution was really good I thought, it was really like one of my illustration pieces but huge! Question: What would be your dream job/commission? Andy: I would love to do work for a Dinosaur Museum somewhere or do a field trip to a city like New York or Tokyo and create dinosaur pieces of them. Question: Who is your musical hero? Andy: Sonic Youth have always been the main band that I have been in to. I like the fact that they fuse noise with melody and that they have forged their own path. They observe their own rules and I like that as an artist. Question: Do you have any pets? Andy: We have a pet cat that we inherited called T.C. Not our choice of name, but it stuck. Question: If you won the lottery what would you do with the money? Andy: The first thing I would do would be to buy our studio so we can keep it and not have it knocked down. I would have it renovated so that we could live there and also house an arts centre and exhibition space. I would spend the rest of the money on constructing a Bristol Dinosaur theme park.
The Guardian, Miracle Gro, Orange, The Big Issue, RBS, Leo Burnett, Computer Arts Projects, Timberland, Bristol Zoo Gardens,

Art Equipment/Tool: Belton Molotow spray paint, Posca pens
Drink: I like Stout lots right now. Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout is a good one
Holiday/Travel Destination: I enjoyed travelling around the coast of Croatia
Website: cryptomundo
Magazine: Fortean Times and VNA