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Annie Davidson

Annie Davidson



Annie has a bachelor degree in Visual Communication from Monash University in Australia.


The creative process starts with a bit of inspiration and searching. Annie pins up photos and images found in books or online, and then starts sketching elements that might make it into her final piece. When she’s settled on an a composition, she draws over her sketches with a fineliner and adds texture and detail.

Colouring is important to her, and this is done in Photoshop using layers. She tweaks the colours to bring balance to her palette before the image is complete.


Her style is based around a naïve, hand-drawn look and feel. Mainly, Annie uses line work, adding heavy patterns, detail and flat, digital colours. Her subjects are usually quite whimsical, and her drawings offer viewers an escape into another world. Sometimes, a dash of watercolour comes into play.

Annie also makes paper dioramas for certain projects. This involves hand painting the key elements, cutting them out, then assembling them into a scene to be photographed.

Target, Medibank, Mozi Australia, Grace & James, Whybin TBWA Group, Signed & Numbered, Tiny Me, BIOPAK