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David Catrow

David Catrow



David is a self-taught artist. He’s learned about a whole range of creative media by trial and error. He studied pre-med and wanted to be a doctor, but art was his true path and it has consumed him.


Anything David creates begins with a ‘what if?’ After playing with ideas and concepts – working out if it’s a pea or a planet he’s painting – he’ll come upon a sparkling moment that gets his pencil or brush moving. He’s driven to get it onto canvas and let it live. David’s creative muse is a gnarly, comical, evil, painted mask he found in Mexico. It hangs in an honoured place on his studio wall, playing to the darker side in his paintings.


David’s style is very personal – he draws in his own, natural way. His aim is to capture the feeling, and let the viewer experience it. As a book illustrator, his role is to convey the story, setting, characters and their interactions. But he also aims to find something that’s not there in the words, binding in a subtle layer that shapes the characters beyond what’s written on the page. The images themselves are notable for their expressiveness, colour, depth and detail.

Simon and Schuster, Harcourt Houghton Mifflin, Penguin Putnam, Disney, Amazon, National Geographic, Universal, 20th Century Fox Film Corp., Blue Sky Studios, Scholastic Books, Random House, Holiday House, Clarion Books, Roaring Press