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Deanna First

Deanna First



It was always Deanna’s dream to become an artist – she even used to write, “When I grow up I want to be an artist” in her schoolbooks. But when the time came to go to college, she studied fashion design. With a bachelor Degree from Kent State University, and experience working in the fashion industry with Elie Tahari, J.Crew and Ralph Lauren, she’s now combining the two passions and loves the freedom of being an illustrator.


Images nearly always begin with sketches done in pencil or using a Micron pen. Then Deanna adds minimal pop colours in marker, pastel, paint or watercolour, depending on what she thinks will work best for the brief. The image will be scanned and edited in Photoshop, with shading, further details and colours added. Each piece is unique – sometimes she’ll just use one medium with very little digital manipulation, while other images employ a vast mix.


Deanna works in two styles – one is loose and sketchy, the other more vivid and detailed. Both are full of fluidity and movement – smudges, splashes and flowing hair give the work a light feel. She likes using a palette of soft pastels with black and white, and you’ll often find this in her personal work. But if a client wants a bright colour scheme, she’ll never shy away from it.

Saks Fifth Avenue , The Limited , Keranique , Armarium , HelloGiggles, ModCloth , Maje Paris, Conrad New York, The Daily Front Row, Lord & Taylor ,