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Dourone draws directly onto his Wacom Cintiq screen to develop a sketch in Photoshop first. If the finished piece is going to be delivered digitally he continues to draw and paint in the application until it’s complete. However, if it’s going to be a physical piece, he’ll then take his sketches and plans and plot out the larger finished artwork using stencils, spray paint, acrylics, markers… you name it.


His work may remind you of classical black and white etchings with a heavy dose of abstract thinking mixed in, but Dourone’s style is continually evolving and some of his work contains a great deal of realism. Viewers can easily get lost in the wonderful level of detail found in many of his pieces. He’s perfectly happy to splash in some bright colour now and again too.

Lacoste, Springfield, Pointer, Vodafone, Converse, Levi's, Kraken Rum, Mini Austin, SNCF, Hendrick's Gin, Magnum, ,