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Jennifer Maravillas

Jennifer Maravillas



Jennifer did an undergraduate degree is in Graphic Design at the University of Louisville and a graduate degree is in Mass Communication at Virginia Commonwealth University.


The techniques Jennifer uses are constantly changing, and her style often comes as a result of the medium she’s exploring at a given time. By and large she’s a mixed media artist, always trying new materials and combinations of them – typically they include watercolour markers, ink, spray paint, pencil, cut out paper, block printing, and Photoshop. Sometimes she allows a composition to evolve without knowing what the end result might be like, other times she has a clear idea in her head of what she wants.

Jennifer is fascinated by the digital process. She scans in every doodle and texture she draws or paints, keeping them for reference or for use as layers in new pieces.


Jennifer uses vibrant colour combinations as she builds up maps, cityscapes and scenery from hundreds of smaller handmade elements. Some of her influences include Werner Herzog, Mary Blair, Guy Debord, and Buckminster Fuller.

Apple, Ford Foundation, Teaching Tolerance: Southern Poverty Law Center, Hachette Book Group, Harper's BAZAAR Japan, Harvard Business Review, Harvard Business Review Press, On Point magazine, Hotel Indigo, Orlando Magazine, Waitrose, Goethe Institute, Jamie Magazine, Hoppy Three Day Monk beer, Winsor Newton , Transport for London, Nowhere Magazine, Spirituality and Health magazine, Bold Italic, Tidal Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler India,

Cafe: Cafe du Soliel in the Lower Haight neighborhood of San Francisco
Art Equipment/Tool: Lucky Strike red ball point pen
Food: Avocados
Drink: Water, Gin and soda
Shop: James Rowland Shop
Website: Open Culture