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Jessica Singh

Jessica Singh



Jessica has a BA in Graphic Design specialising in Illustration from Central Saint Martins in London.


Jessica’s approach is based on making mental associations, and on emotion. She uses a lot of imagination, and can often see the image, or parts of it, in her mind as she works. Playing music stirs her emotions, helping her draw, and she likes to work quickly – the longer it takes the less distinct it feels to her. Her main tools are Photoshop and her graphics tablet, however recently she’s been working with Palomino pencils and a sketchpad.


Jessica works in two main styles. The first she calls Girl. It’s contemporary, colourful and unusual, drawing in Japanese, Indian and fashion world influences. Whimsical, fantastical and vibrant, images in this style feature a strong female character, however there’s plenty of subtle detail too.

MTV, Samsung, Singapore Tourism Board, Kit Cosmetics, Frankie Magazine, Yen Magazine, Amelia's Magazine