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Soleil Ignacio

Soleil Ignacio



Soleil spent four years studying Visual Communication at the College of Fine Arts, which is part of the University of the Philippines.


At first, Soleil will work up an image using pencils and sometimes a bit of watercolour. She’ll then scan it in and add to it in Photoshop. When she was a graphic designer, her style was minimalist, and this shines through in her illustration a little bit too. She keeps her colour palette quite spare and even when an image has a lot of detail in it, there’s a clean overall feel.


Feminine, edgy and strong, her style combines expressive, stylised main strokes with a touch of realism. She balances textures and negative space to emphasise certain areas of her illustrations, and has a particularly unique way of drawing hair. This, she says, goes right back to her roots when, as a child, she drew countless pictures of The Little Mermaid.

Tory Burch, Vidal Sassoon, Louis Vuitton, Nixon, NYLON Magazine, Hervé Chapelier, TBWA, Publicis Manila, MilkX magazine,