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Mohan Ballard

Mohan Ballard



Mohan attended West Herts College for a foundation course in Art and Design, and then went to Southampton University where he got a bachelor’s degree in


The first stage in Mohan’s creative process is to source various photos of the setting he wants to create – if he can take them himself, all the better. Then he starts drawing in his signature style. Then he does the painting, and acrylics are Mohan’s favourite medium. The colour for each building is meticulously planned, using contrasting colours and shades to generate vibrancy and make the image pop. The final stage is to give it a gloss coat, for some extra shine, before being scanned for delivery to the client.


Working traditionally with paints and a brush is one thing that sets Mohan Ballard apart. While so many other artists now use digital techniques, his work has a unique, handmade and slightly naïve feel to it. Vivid, packed with detail, and often a little abstract, each image brings energy and passion thanks to Mohan’s love of painting.

Mohan has exhibited at numerous exhibitions around the UK.

Liberty Department Store, Mr Men and Little Miss, Deezer, Lastminute.com, Veranique Zsa Fashion