We live illustration, think illustration and understand creatives.
We represent handpicked illustrators and connect the client with exactly the right artist, the right style and the right personality that is best for his project. We make the difference in this world full of image banks, stock, self-proclaimed pros and foggy deals! We know our artists and our clients. For a smooth project and exquisite illustrations simply dial 040 250 40 50
»It was very lovely to work with you on this project. Always flawless and we are proud of the results.«
Erasmo Palomba, Artbuyer, Leo Burnett Schweiz
»What makes me really happy is that I am able to do what I have always loved the most: Drawing.
And it is a real pleasure to be able to do it with amazing people like you.«
Otto Wiezorek, Illustrator
»The choice of international illustrators is incredible. But I always come back to DIE ILLUSTRATOREN. The quality and creativity of their unique talents, combined with the experienced and friendly consulting is perfect.«
Peter von Klueger, Creative Director