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Fionna Fernandes

Fionna Fernandes



Fionna has a bachelor degree in Design in Visual Communication from the University of Technology in Sydney. All the elective courses she took were focused on illustration.


Using Photoshop to add colour, shading and distinctive highlights to the images she draws, Fionna also combines digital and hand-generated marks. She uses an Artline pen for her line work, and acrylic paint to come up with the light-hearted patterns that she often uses as backgrounds. Recently, Fionna has been experimenting with collaged backdrops and adding stickers to the compositions, enhancing the mixed media feel.


Playful, fun and energetic, Fionna’s work usually features female models in fashion scenarios, but she’s just as adept at depicting men, and animals too. There’s a youthful flavour to her aesthetic, and she enjoys drawing attention to certain aspects of the female face – the eyes, lips and hair – using brighter colours and patterns. This gives her portraits a unique feel and some extra punch.

Toyota Australia, Chupa Chups Australia, Officeworks x Pedestrian TV, SunLife, Undersea Creative, Death Disco, Colourfest, STARTTS