For more than 20 years we represent selected
artists from all around the world, who cover all
kinds of different styles of illustration.

We know every single artist personally and do
know who is the most suitable illustrator for
any kind of project.

We keep an eye on timings and help accomplish the best possible result.

We are the link between client and artist.
We make sure that every project runs smoothly.

We are Alexandra, Janna, Julia, Steffi
and Corinna and we are looking
forward to your call:

+49 (0)40 250 40 50
Alexandra Maul
"The best part of my job is that everyday I get to bring creative people together to make great projects happen."
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What was the most exciting 
job so far?
Over the years I have managed literally thousands of great, exciting, unusual, exhausting and fun projects that I can't possibly pick out one.

What does the perfect job look like? Getting the inquiry, finding the right artist immediately. Creatives and artist have a good chemistry, the results are a blast and everybody is happy!

How did you join Die Illustratoren? Thoroughly with good relations. My sister took me on board while I was still at University.

Where would you be, if you were 
not at Die Illustratoren?
2 Options- I initially wanted to become a lector in a publishing house. Otherwise I would have emigrated to Canada.

I was born in Hamburg, finished school with Abitur, studied Anglistics and German and while doing that, started working in the agency already.
Hobbies? I spend all my leisure time in the summer at and on the Baltic Sea with family and friends.

What does your desk look like?
Well, there are definitely people who are more tidy than me. I need a little mess around me.

Who would you like to meet? 
Herbert Grönemeyer, but I do know that I could not think of a single thing to say once he sits in front of me.

You can go back in time- 
where would you go? 
Berlin in the roaring 20s!
What kind of music do you listen to? Unfortunately I can´t recommend unknown new bands as I listen to a lot of mainstream stuff.

Do you collect anything? 

Do you have a favorite game? Honestly, I think that games are quite a waste of time. Sometimes I have to play, but only for my daughter I try enjoying it.

Hidden talents?


Veggies from the oven

Pinot Gris

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Steffi Rauch
"With my technical know-how and years of experience in the creative business, I give structure to complicated job processes and stand by you with advice to achieve inspiring illustrations.“
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What is the perfect job for you?
With targeted and friendly communication and creative exchange, every job gets that certain something. That's why I always enjoy seeing ideas grow to the final illustration. Every collaboration is very individual and unique due to the constant new constellations. In the end, the agency, the illustrator, the client and of course we as the agents are all happy about such a "perfect job"!

Career / Training / Studies ?
Studied communication design and 10 years creation in Hamburg.
Since 2005 creative-consulting at the ILLUSTRATOREN office.

Travel & Food :) Countries, cultural sites or simply pure nature!
As a native of Hamburg I love the port, the sea, fresh sea air and my bicycle.
And so I do bicycle trips, love small, crisp hiking tours, vacations in the mountains
and urban discovery tours.

Shop / Café / Food / Drink
I bake sourdough bread myself or buy it, for lack of time and because the quality is top, in "the bread".
The patisserie in Altona has excellent croissants and incomparably good French pastries.
For a coffee I prefer to meet in the cute Café "black line", in Eppendorfer Weg.
Dining is excellent in the 100/200 Kitchen of Thomas Imbusch - my personal favorite restaurant in HH.
Recently I got to know the "Puzzle Bar2 on the 15th floor of the Campus Tower - excellent drinks and an unusual
beautiful view of the harbour.
A pleasant non-smoking bar is the Mr. Ape in Eimsbüttel.

Describe your desk?
Telephone, notebook, calendar, coffee in the morning, herbal tea later

If you could travel into the past, to which time would you go back?
Travelling the human history? Way too risky ;)
In no case I would like to renounce a certain comfort and above all medical and hygienic standards.

Which music do you prefer to listen to?
I do not want to commit myself to individual artists,
especially since I am always aware of new bands and my style preferences are very dependent on mood and situation.
A super live band are however the New Yorker !!! aka Tschk Tschk Tschk.
And - I love podcasts, for me THE medium to quickly get into completely new topics.
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Julia Freudenthal
"Technically challenging requests always make me learn something new, and that's what makes my job as an agent so exciting.“
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What was the most exciting 
job so far?
I am especially happy about unusual ideas for which we find the right illustrator together. It is always exciting to accompany the process from the first sketch to the finished illustration.

I actually started “on the other side”. After an apprenticeship as media designer, I have worked in an agency for a while and covered all steps from layout to the final artwork.

How did you join Die Illustratoren? Coincidence or just good luck? Alexandra called me regarding my online application. After the interview I had the choice between working in an advertising agency again or going into a new direction with Die Illustratoren.

Where would you be, if you were not at Die Illustratoren?
Probably I would work in an agency, continue as a graphic designer or meanwhile as an AD? Or maybe I would have gone into business for myself and would travel through Europe in a van.

Describe your desk
Besides the computer and telephone, my desk should definitely have my notebook, so I can't do it completely paperless. In my home office my black cat likes to lie on it for a nap.

My hobby and meanwhile a great passion is photography. Like so many others I started with still motives. Flowers, landscapes, first macro shots. But in the meantime I prefer to work with people in front of the camera. In doing so I create photos in the direction of "Conceptual" and "Fine Art", pictures that tell a story.

Do you have a favorite game?
That depends entirely on the players at the table. For those who are a little bit familiar with the board games I recommend Carnival of Monsters and Aeons End or you can test your friendship with a round of Mario Kart.

What kind of music do you listen to? Among others : Blues-, Alternative-Rock, Progressive-, Folk-Metal and Electro-Swing

Café: Mathilde Café
Food: Burger
Drink: Coffee in the morning, Mate at lunch and sometimes Gin at night
Artist: Brooke Shaden (Photographer)
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Janna Kruetzer
"The result should be right for everyone in the end. I will ensure that everything runs smoothly along the way as well.“
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What was the most exciting
job so far?
Working with people is always exciting and fun. There is probably no such thing as a boring job without any special moments.

What does the perfect job look like? Nice artbuying, perfect briefing with detailed informations about the content of the image, the size, the usage and some moods. A smooth handling and in the end happy clients and happy artists!

How did you join Die Illustratoren? Corinna and Alexandra were looking for a new employee and I was looking for a job.

Where would you be, if you were not with Die Illustratoren?
On the beach. Probably with a sunburn.

Career/Apprenticeship/Studies? Abitur, Studies in Anglistics and philosophy. Apprenticeship as legal assistan, studies in art history.

Hobbies? Watching series and sleeping- unfortunately I don´t have as much time for both as I would like to.

What does your desk look like? Slightly untidy, post its that remind me of important things, coffee cup and 2 stress balls which Steffi works into different funny shapes for me every evening.

Who would you like to meet?
I can´t really think of anyone. At work, I am in contact with so many people and therefore I prefer being with my family and closest friends in my private time.

What kind of music do you listen to?
I pick and choose the best of everything. I don´t want to be stuck with anything in particular- the question for the music taste is often one which puts you into certain drawers.

Do you collect anything? 
No! I don´t like any kind of dust catchers.

Do you have a favorite game? 
Skib-Bo. This game is so simple that you can play it at 5 a.m. with your room mates but tricky enough that friendships might fail over it. 

Hidden talents?
I don´t age. That´s neither hidden nor a talent- but an optical illusion!

Store: I buy everything online.
Café: I always stick to Steffis advice.
Food: Gummi bears
Drink: Coke
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Corinna Hein
"Being able to provide everything possible for creative people, allowing their visions to become reality, makes me happy.“
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What was the most exciting 
job so far?
Every day we receive exciting and interesting jobs. It´s hard for me to pick just one. The job in itself is always great and thrilling, because no inquiry is like the one before.

What does the perfect job look like?
 A job that involves a nice and fulfilling challenge for the artist and a job where the client is happy with the result. All that coming together with a good fee - that´s a wonderful job for everybody!

Why did you found Die Illustratoren? 
I just had to start it, because there was no other way for me. It was a very important mission for me and I was sure that I would have good chances to become successful with it. 

Where would you be, if you were not at Die Illustratoren? 
On holidays.

Trained dental technician, self-taught agent for illustrators. 

Going out for dinner with or at friends. Cooking and inviting friends. Reading, watching stupid TV shows, parties, travelling and going to the movies. 

What does your desk look like? My desk is made of light wood. A Macintosh stands on it and a painted portrait of my husband. I look out into a romantic little garden with lots of ivy, a deck and a little playhouse on stilts.

Who would you like to meet? 
I have a hard time to just pick one person. I would be really interested in joining an Oscar night and meeting so many celebrities at once.

You can go back in time – 
where would you go?
The 20s in Berlin would definitely be worth the trip, but to go through central Hamburg in the middle of the 70s again and to look what has changed would be extremely thrilling.

What kind of music do 
you listen to?
My daughter playing her compositions with the piano.

Do you collect anything? 
No, I used to collect lily vases many years ago and still have them, but now I don´t collect anything.

Do you have a favorite game? Scrabble?

Hidden talents? 
Clairvoyance? No, just kidding! I show everything that I can do, but I have not sewed in a long time and I think I can do that quite well. I think I should start doing it again soon.

Store: I buy everything online.
Café: Eiscafé La Serenissima
Food: Itailian, Asian, Regional
Drink: Crémant
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