I am delighted you want to find out more about me personally, however please talk to my agents about commissions as they handle all of that for me. I look forward to working with you.
Bonny Carrera

Bonny Carrera

Bonny lives in Berlin and has made his dream come true. With a lot of commitment and a pinch of YouTube he taught himself what he always wanted to do: 3D design with that certain something! Illustration motifs based on an image concept and lots of esprit are his true passion. This ability to make customers happy makes his work a fulfilling one.

Bonny Carrera, Berlin (GER); Languages: German, English
Question: What drew you to illustration/design? Bonny: I have always been fascinated by 3D illustrations on billboards. And I needed to know how these campaigns are being developed and wanted to work towards that as soon as possible. Question: Do you have any formal design training? Bonny: No, I learned everything from the nerdy teenagers in YouTube tutorials. Question: Where do you live? Bonny: In a Berlin suburb. That way I can quickly get to the surroundings by bike or motorcycle. Question: Can you describe your studio for me? Bonny: It´s a small loft in a former factory building. With two computers and a deep window sill for thinking. Question: Who or what is your biggest inspiration? Bonny: Excellent advertising, when you ask yourself what works better - the technical realisation or the actual idea. Question: How do you get the best ideas? Bonny: By interacting with others. Question: What technique do you use? Bonny: I work with Cinema 4D and Photoshop. Question: Tell us about a favourite project you have recently completed. Bonny: I designed headphones recently. The result is not only a nice product illustration but also the 3D model for the production. I will receive a sample soon and I am proud of it. Question: What would be your dream job/commission? Bonny: I have never illustrated a book- or magazine cover. Question: Who are your illustration heroes? Bonny: Pixar, Greyscalegorilla, Chris Labrooy. Question: Do you keep a sketch book? Bonny: Yes, I draw into the diary of „DIE ILLUSTRATOREN“. It´s very fancy. Question: If you were not an illustrator, what would you be? Bonny: A pretty good carpenter. Question: Who would you like to meet? Bonny: The next client, to talk about the job details. Question: If you could travel back in time, where would you go to? Bonny: Towards November, 12th 1955. I would want to prohibit the Sports Almanach to get into the wrong hands. Question: What kind of music do you listen to? Bonny: This is my playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/dj_klaus/playlist/3vBLyd4NUnA2u9S8Kq6tAe?si=qj3reR8FRSC4wTrMNhsAQw Question: What is the funniest thing you have ever done? Bonny: To publish my Spotify link in the previous question. Question: If you won the lottery, would you still work as illustrator? Bonny: Yes, sitting at a computer made of gold and diamonds. Question: Do you collect anything? Yes, money. Question: Do you have a favourite game? Bonny: Twister. The crazy game with lots of entanglement.

Ausgewählte Kunden:
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Website: www.illustratoren.de
Arbeitswerkzeug: Apple iMac Pro
Kunstgalerie: Deichtorhallen (Hamburg)
Laden: Yamaha
Cafe: Barcomi's
Essen: Salat
Getränk: Wasser