I am delighted you want to find out more about me personally, however please talk to my agents about commissions as they handle all of that for me. I look forward to working with you.
Botelho Art

Botelho Art

Even back when he was studying for his design degree, Paulo was creating illustrations for clients on the side. He honed his skills in a retouching studio before launching his own CG house and has never looked back, learning new techniques, adopting the latest CG software and collaborating with talented artists in a range of styles along the way.

Clients love the experience of working with Paulo and his team. No matter how challenging the idea is, their vision, skills and expertise result in excellent imagery every time.


Depending on the brief, Paulo and his team work with the right techniques and tools for their client’s project including photography, retouching, 2D and 3D illustration, matte painting and animation.


From wildly expressive 3D cartoon characters to sublime watercolour-style paintings, and from vintage-look etching to hyper-real product visualisation, Botelho Art offers a full range of styles to meet any brief.

Brahma, Becks, Boticário, Netflix, Tic Tac, The Salvation Army, L’Oreal, Globo Sat, Nivea