I am delighted you want to find out more about me personally, however please talk to my agents about commissions as they handle all of that for me. I look forward to working with you.
Ian Naylor

Ian Naylor

All my work is computer generated, most is originated in 3D using Cinema 4d, then taken into Photoshop to add the finishing touches, can draw in the sand too, from time to time, if something needs explaining quickly...
hard product is my speciality, expressing how a device works, looking inside ... outside, or both, ghosting a mechanism, illustrating the GOOD things, the BAD things ... and the UGLY things. Advertising illustration where art and science come together to the visual benefit of all.
Question: What drew you to illustration/design? Ian: I have always drawn things, sadly, in my story books as a youngster! (sorry Miss Potter). As I grew older, I developed a love of machinery and finding out how things worked, to draw hard product now is a joy ! Question: Do you have any formal design training? Ian: Yes, my epiphany in 1981, a three year Technical Illustration course at Blackpool College, splendid place then. Question: Where are you originally from? Ian: Kendal. Question: Where do you live now & what drew you there? Ian: Kendal, I always wanted to come back, it's a special place to me. Question: Who or What is your biggest inspiration? Ian: Tiny things all around us, often overlooked, but when drawn attention to, magnificent, consider the shapely G Clamp! Question: How do you get your ideas? Ian: I buy them at the ideas shop in Kendal, we're very lucky to have one of those here. Question: Do you collect anything? Ian: Many things, at the moment I'm really into Lightships. Question: Do you keep a scrapbook? Ian: Not really, although I may start, but I have loads of pads that I draw ideas on. Question: What are your interests outside of illustration? Ian: Cycling, aviation, sailing and lightships of course. Question: Tell us about a favourite project you've recently completed. Ian: It was a while ago actually, but a massive cut-away of The SS Great Britain in Bristol, a fantastic job. Did I mention I liked ships? Question: What would be your dream job/commission? Ian: A cut away illustration of a lightship!
Question: Who is/are your art hero/es? Ian: Philip Castle, I saw one of his fine art pieces when I was a youngster and it opened my eyes to the possibilities of Airbrush Illustration, so much colour and energy and he painted chrome angels and jets. I probably looked at it for an unhealthily long time, like in the supermarket when you see an illustration on, say a soup can label and get in real close to look at it, they call the manager, they show you the door and then the pavement! Question: Who is/are your illustration hero/es? Ian: There are too many to say, HERO is perhaps a word too far! I always liked George Hardie and my old Airbrush tutor Tom Liddell from college. Question: If you were not an illustrator, what would you be? Ian: I would love to work on the Crinan Canal in Scotland, polishing things, opening locks and painting the flower boxes in the summer sunshine. Question: How do you think a friend, or professor who knows you well would describe you? Ian: Insanely talented, perceptive and good looking, but prone to inhabit a rich fantasy world. Question: If you won the lottery what would you do with the money? Ian: Re validate my pilots license and buy another Auster V aeroplane, then let the rest go I think. Question: If you could travel back in time which period would you visit & why? Ian: 1950's, the aircraft I like were a little newer then, everything was developing and illustrations were more common than photographs, they even illustrated cameras! Question: What is your favourite graphics programme? Ian: Cinema 4d.
Computer Active magazine, Saatchi, DC Comics, Haymarket Publishing, Men's Health Magazine, Hasbro, MEED magazine

Food: Spinach pasta, broccoli and pesto, may just go and make some RIGHT NOW!
Café: The Union Jack in Kirkland, sadly no website …
Gallery: The Abbot Hall gallery here in Kendal
Drink: a cool Pinot Noir, or a warm one, I don't care