I am delighted you want to find out more about me personally, however please talk to my agents about commissions as they handle all of that for me. I look forward to working with you.
Juliette Toma

Juliette Toma

Drawing attention to the characters she creates using a highly sophisticated way of rendering skin, Juliette has honed a highly individual illustration style that offers clients something a little different, and in addition to fashion and lifestyle imagery she loves illustrating food and drink. With a BFA from the Art Center of Design in Pasadena, she’s inspired by vintage fashion, old cook books, kitsch knickknacks and strong women. From global brands to boutique publications, Juliette Toma is an artist who promises a unique touch.


First Juliette collects together a selection of reference photos, collaging elements together to shape her composition. She then sketches the images and paints either using acrylics or digitally, playing freely with colours and rearranging the structure until it hits the sweet spot.


Bright colours and a love of pink shine through in Juliette’s illustrations, which are usually quirky and humorous. Beneath her painterly style there’s also an undercurrent of realism.

Some of Juliette’s clients include MTV, Pitchfork, Vice, The New York Observer, Papyrus Greeting Cards, Taste Cooking and The Ringer.