I am delighted you want to find out more about me personally, however please talk to my agents about commissions as they handle all of that for me. I look forward to working with you.
Matthias Derenbach

Matthias Derenbach

Matthias draws passionately as long as he can remember. He graduated with distinction from the Rhein Sieg Art Academy with a degree in communication design. Illustration was his main focus during his studies. In the commercial sector Matthias offers a wide variety of different styles and techniques – from classic pencil drawings to digital painting, watercolour illustrations, oil painting or wall designs. Whether individual character design, creative design, illustrations in children's book style, elaborated animal illustrations or quick sketches, as well as logo designs – Matthias convinces not only by his thematic diversity, but especially by the very individual, atmospheric and loving elaboration of his works. Most of his works are created digitally on the Cintiq or Ipad. Depending on the style, vectorized results can also be provided.

Matthias Derenbach, Cologne (GER)
Languages: German, English

Question: How did it come about that you wanted to become an illustrator?
Matthias: Even as a small child I liked telling stories. With a pen and a piece of paper I could I express myself best. That hasn't changed until today. Question: Did you train as an illustrator? Matthias: I have a diploma as communication designer (grade 1.0 - geek, I know!) Illustration was during my studies, I focused on performance. Question: Where do you live? Matthias: In Cologne. Question: Please describe your studio/study? Matthias: I share my office with a colleague from the field of 3D and animation - with a view over Ehrenfeld. But sometimes I also like to work from home or at my parents' in the country. Question: What inspires you most? Matthias: Nature, music, movies/series or a nice evening with good friends. Question: How do you get the best ideas? Matthias: I am very close to nature and love to walk for hours through the forest. Here I come The best way is to take it easy and then to have good ideas. Question: Which technique do you work with? Matthias: I prefer to work classically with a pencil on paper. But I also like to work with Watercolor or oil if I find the time. Meanwhile most illustrations are created digitally on the Cintiq or with an Ipad Pro. Question: What was the greatest project you've worked on lately? Matthias: Together with Spiegel bestseller author Michael Engler, I am currently working on a picture book series to the mascot of the Europapark. "Snorri" experiences many exciting adventures in fantastic water world Rulantica and is published by Coppenrath Verlag! - just my thing! :) Question: Which job/campaign/ illustration did you always want to do? Matthias: I would like to work on an animated film. Question: Who are your illustration role models? Matthias: Moebius, Hayao Miyazaki, Kim Jung Gi, Frank Frazetta, Bobby Chiu, Even Amundsen, Sven North Quist, Alexandre Zedig Diboine, Victor Mosquera, Zac Retz, Dave Rapoza, Craig Mullins, Aron Wiesenfeld, and many more... Question: Do you have a sketchbook? Matthias: Yes Question: What are your hobbies? Matthias: I read a lot. I love going to the cinema. Hiking in the nature once a week if possible. I like cooking. Play basketball, tennis and badminton. Question: If you had not become an illustrator, what would you be? Matthias: a film director. Or maybe I would have studied psychology. Question: Which personality would you like to meet? Matthias: Oh, there are many. Hayao Miyazaki, Wes Anderson, Chet Baker or Albert Einstein. interesting. Gladly all together, too. Question: If you could travel into the past, to which time would you go back? Matthias: Dinosaur time. Question: Which music do you like to listen to most? Matthias: Jazz, Soul, Hiphop (the good one), Blues but also classical music and atmospheric soundtracks at work. Basically I am very open-minded - it just has to have "soul" ... Question: What is the funniest thing you have ever done? Matthias: I once ran into the goalpost during football. For all spectators it was apparently very funny. Question: Would you continue to work as an illustrator even after winning the lottery? I would definitely continue painting! A life without, I can't imagine. Question: Do you collect anything? Matthias: As a child I had a pretty big stone collection and almost all "Masters of the Universe" figures. Today I collect records and artbooks. Question: Do you have a favorite game? Matthias: "Zelda - a Link to the Past" for Super Nintendo!
Anson’s, Betzold, Coppenrath Verlag, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, DHL, Edel Kids Verlag, Endemol, Europapark Rust, Haba, Loewe Verlag, Nintendo DS, Peek & Cloppenburg, ProSieben, Cbj Random House, Strauss Innovation, Super RTL

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Arbeitswerkzeug: Bleistift, Ipad Pro und mein geliebtes Cintiq
Kunstgalerie: Max Ernst Museum in Brühl (Die „Moebius“ Ausstellung!)
Laden: Buchhandlung um die Ecke
Cafe: mit Hafermilch
Essen: Pizza
Getränk: Wasser