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Eleanor studied at Canterbury College before graduating with a Masters degree from the Royal College of Art. Trevor has a BA (Hons) from Camberwell College and from there went straight into post-production work.


Everything starts with a pencil on paper as they sketch out the scenes, working on the compositions and the progression of the story. Then simple models are created of both the set and characters, and Trevor and Eleanor explore the parts needed and how they’ll move. These are scanned in, then reassembled in the 3D application Blender. “To get the movement of the characters right, we often film our manipulation of the real world paper puppets then motion track this and apply it to the digital version,” explains Trevor. “This gives a much more natural handheld feel to the animation.”


With their experience in film and television, MiniTonic have created an enhanced paper cut-out style that’s full of rich colours and textures, but also has the kind of lighting, depth and volume that make you feel like you could step right into each scene. Viewers are enchanted by their detailed characters who come to life in new worlds, and the playful humour in the dialogue carries through to the movement and sound.


Best Book (Overall) – Digital Book World Awards – 2018
Best Book (Fiction) – Digital Book World Awards - 2018
Best Book (Children’s) – Digital Book World Awards - 2018
Best Book (Interactive Fiction) – Digital Book World Awards – 2018
Gold – Enhanced Picture Books – Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards - 2018

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