I am delighted you want to find out more about me personally, however please talk to my agents about commissions as they handle all of that for me. I look forward to working with you.
Tom Bonson

Tom Bonson



After two years of Fine Art at Norfolk College, Tom completed an Illustration degree at Lincoln University.


Beginning with a rough composition in Photoshop, Tom traces the image onto paper and then renders it fully in pencils. The pencil drawing is scanned back into Photoshop where all the colour is added.


Tom loves to create worlds that viewers can get lost in, with colourful characters and little hints of detail that draw you in. Humour – usually ridiculous and light hearted – plays a big role in his style as well.
Question: What led you to become an illustrator? Tom: Both my parents were illustrators so the love of drawing runs in the family. Question: Tom: Did you study illustration at college?Question: I studied Illustration at Lincoln University UK. It was great as the illustration studios were in an old chapel and we'd sit on pews while working. Bit cold though. Tom: Question: Where did you grow up? Tom: Norfolk UKQuestion: Tom: Do you have a childhood memory memory relating to drawing/art that you hold dear?Question: Going out sketching with my Mum and Dad around the widdly, windy country lanes of Norfolk. Tom: Question: Where do you live now and what drew you there? Tom: I live in Bristol now. I visited before moving there and the vibrant art/music scene drew me in.Question: Tom: Describe your studio for usQuestion: Hamilton House is a great place with a great community. It's a large open, plan studio which is great for freelancers like me as you're always surrounded by other creative minds. Tom: Question: Do you have any studio pets? Tom: Keith the cactusQuestion: Tom: Who or What is your biggest inspiration?Question: Music is a big one. If I discover a new piece of music or band that I like then that can spark a whole new range of work. Also Doritos. Tom: Question: How do you get your ideas? Tom: All sorts of ways. I find just having a quiet time and space to just mull things over always helps with coming up with new ideas.Question: Tom: What are your interests outside of illustration?Question: Playing guitar, cooking, badminton. Tom: Question: Tell us about a favourite project you’ve recently completed Tom: The Bristol giants. Great project as it was set in and around places I've actually been to.Question: Tom: What would be your dream job/commission?Question: Pixar or Aardman wanting me to help design characters for their next movie. Tom: Question: Why is illustration such a powerful medium? Tom: Now more than ever we live in an image driven world due to social media etc. So an image can be a very powerful way to influence a point of view.Question: Tom: What makes a really good client brief?Question: A detailed, thought out and clear brief is the best. Tom: Question: How much of your work is hand drawn? Tom: 50%Question: Tom: How do you invision illustration evolving?Question: I think with things like ipads and phone apps children will want more interactivity in there picture books so it'll go from print to interactive apps. Tom: Question: Who is your musical hero? Tom: Radiohead, Massive Attack.Question: Tom: Do you have a method for dealing with the feeling of having no ideas?Question: I guess I try to forget about not having any ideas and step away from the drawing board for a bit. Go for a walk in nature, see some friends drink some coffee, chill out. It usually comes in time. Tom: Question: If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Tom: A planet made of cheese with sweet red onion chutney oceans.Question: Tom: If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?Question: Buy a house. Publish my own books. Build a recording studio. Get a personal chef. Tom: Question: Tom: Question: Tom:

Pearson, Oxford University Press, Sunday Times, National Wildlife Federation, Barrington Stokes, Accord Publishing, Dinardo Design, Glottogon

Café: The Bristolian
Gallery: Tate Modern
Art Equipment/Tool: Imagination
Food. Jelly Beans
Drink: hot chocolate
Shop: Jarrold in Norwich
Podcast: Athletico Mince
Holiday/Travel Destination: Scotland